>>> It’s one of those experiences where I began to read the book and thought: “What the hell is this? This is awful. I don’t like this …” and then cautiously, mysteriously, something changes, you get drawn in and hooked ... click here to read more

>>> At this novel’s heart – as with all Kelman’s work – is an unfettered inner voice, a living consciousness in motion, pouring forth truth in all its undiluted generosity and continual inventiveness ... click here to read more

>>> Such a scenario allows McCarthy finally to foreground only the very basics of physical human survival and the intimate evocation of a destroyed landscape drawn with such precision and beauty ... click here to read more

>>> Reading: the worlds within worlds of reading. There is a secret life of reading none of us talk about enough. When we go away from the world and sit and turn the pages ... click here to read more

>>> 'I still feel like a reader who happens to write. I know it's not really the truth, I know it's taken over my life ... click here to read more

>>> When he meets fellow authors, Scottish novelist Alan Warner always tries to ferret out what they did before becoming writers. In his own case, the answer is simple ... click here to read more

>>> I believe that when we try to understand writers we too often look in the wrong place. We try to understand them as personalities rather than considering the complex influences other books have upon them ... click here to read more