'The Seal Club' - Coming soon
Autumn 2020

The Seal Club is a three-novella collection by the authors Alan Warner, Irvine Welsh and John King, three stories that capture their ongoing interests and concerns, stories that reflect bodies of work that started with Morvern Callar, Trainspotting and The Football Factory – all best-sellers, all turned into high-profile films.

In Warner’s Those Darker Sayings, a gang of Glaswegian nerds ride the mainline trains of northern England on a mission to feed the habit of their leader Slorach. Frustrated, cynical and a big disappointment to his family, Slorach is also a man of great intelligence and deep knowledge, a British Rail timetables call-centre guru who just happens to be addicted to gambling machines. And pubs. Welcome to the world of the quiz-machine casual.

You can read more about this new publication here via the London Books website.

'Serious Listening' - Alan Warner & Brian Hamill in Conversation
June 2020

Alan Warner and Brian Hamill have produced a new interview piece entitled 'Serious Listening', where they discuss the book Good Listeners, their individual stories within the collection, and many other topics including Kailyard literature, narrative perspective, Beckett, Selby, and rampaging cats. You can read the piece on this site via the Good Listeners book page, or on The Common Breath website.

Sophie Mackintosh on: 'Morvern Callar'
May 2020

The writer Sophie Mackintosh published an article in the Guardian in May, entitled 'How a badly behaved heroine transformed my grey little life', in which she explains: "Alan Warner’s Morvern Callar taught me about rooting for the wicked, giving up control and the beauty in ambiguity." You can read the full article via clicking this link.

'Our Ladies' - Official Movie Trailer
January 2020

The official trailer for the film Our Ladies, directed by Michael Caton-Jones and based on the novel The Sopranos by Alan Warner, is now available to watch on youtube via clicking this link

'Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour' - Wiki
- 2020 -

There is now a Wikipedia page for the stage version of Alan Warner's novel The Sopranos, which toured from 2015 onwards and was entitled Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour. The play was adapted by Lee Hall, and you can visit the page for further information via clicking here